Ileana Benedict Orona; Century 21 Baseline; "Incompetent and Unprofessional!"


Ms.Ileana Orona; Broker & her staff have been completely "Incompetent and Unprofessional." At "No Time" had I EVER "Signed a Modification Form to Change the Listing Price." All of my photos CONSTANTLY had to be "Updated" & "Changed," Time-After-Time, and ONLY upon my "Request." Listing with her has been a complete "Night-Mare!" I would hate to see anyone suffer as much I I have.

At one point, she arrived at my home pro fusing with the odor of alcohol omitting from her breath.Please be very very careful in listing your home with this company!!

Review about: Unprofessional Broker.


Glendora, New Jersey, United States #761299

"Yes...I believe that she probably is posting her own "Positive" remarks on several websites not allowing people to reveal the truth about her character...

I am so sorry both of you went through this."Horrible." :(


Excellent information. I went through the same thing.

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